3 Education

Every child has his or her
own “building plan”

Affectionate interaction with and unconditional respect for children – that’s the principle behind how we treat each other, based on the Montessori method, which of course incorporates the parents.

We know: Every child has his or her very own “building plan.”

Our principle is therefore: To allow children to make their own decisions and provide them with the best tools and conditions to do so. After all, children can perceive what’s positive and valuable for their personal development. Our educators at the child care center are attentive and open, encouraging children to be active and get exercise, offering them help, and allowing them to do their own thing. Trying out new things and exploring, all at their own pace, strengthen children and pave the way for a happy life. Scheduled daily routines, activities, and healthy nutrition are also important to us.

Our understanding of Montessori for your child:

  • We have confidence in your child and will help him or her to be independent.
  • We’re available to help children but don’t get in the way if they want to do things on their own.
  • We spend a lot of time outside in the yard and in nature.
  • We accept every child as he or she is, with his or her character, abilities, preferences, and talents.
  • We give every child the time he or she needs to develop.
  • There are plenty of suitable materials to get your child active, which they can use to their heart’s content.
  • Your child will have the opportunity to gain new experiences in a playful environment, boosting his or her self-confidence.
  • Your child will practice new social and constructive skills on a daily basis.
  • Your child understands the necessary balance between freedom and rules.