5 Das Team

Working hand in hand for your children

The professionally trained educators look after the children in accordance with the progressive teaching approach of Maria Montessori.

Additional specialized and personal training complements the rich diversity of activities with which we can cater to the children’s various characters and requirements.

The educators work as a team for the benefit of everyone. They complement each other with their knowledge and daily responsibilities, treat one another with respect, and value each other.

Steffi Zittelsperger

Head of the child care center, child care educator, qualified Montessori educator, teller of fairy tales

Petra Schroll

Deputy head of the child care center, head of the toddler department, qualified social caregiver

Kamala Alvarez

Teacher, Waldorf educator

Sarah Bechter


Simone Flatz-Domig

Child care educator, qualified Montessori educator

Marina Frey

Teacher, qualified Montessori educator, herbal educator

Kimberley Gasser

Social educator in training

Carmen Hoch

Play group caregiver, qualified Montessori educator

Manuel Maier

Civilian serviceman

Marian Permoser


Ljubinka Petkovic

Housekeeper, kitchen fairy

Natascha Pozetti

Qualified social educator, herbal educator

Yvonne Sadowski

Child care educator, qualified Montessori educator

Katherine Stadelmann

Teacher, Pikler®Training

Marjorie Valtiner

Caregiver (substitute)