Every child has their own ‘blueprint’

The independence and freedom of every child lie at the heart of our educational approach. Everything we do is based on the needs and abilities of the individual child.

Our guiding principle

At ALPLA KIDS, we aim to build a trusting relationship with each child and their family by nurturing a positive, open and genuine approach. This lays the cornerstone for a successful journey of growth and development in our centre. A loving and respectful approach creates the conditions required for children to discover themselves as independent, self-confident individuals.

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Our educational concept

Here you will find detailed information about the organisation of our children’s day-care centre and our educational approach.

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Selina Bösch
Head of nursery

‘The centre is a haven of well-being where our ALPLA KIDS are allowed to be themselves and develop at their own pace.’

Daily routines

The children’s daily routines are a key part of the ALPLA KIDS concept. Their timetable, meals, exercise and educational activities are carefully designed with this in mind, ensuring a familiar structure.

Freispiel ALPLA KIDS
Free play

Periods of free play provide the ideal framework for holistic education. During this time, the children are free to choose the location, partners, duration, intensity and pace of their games.


Our children are given regional, seasonal, healthy and varied food. Our snack buffet means that children can choose what and how much they would like to eat. They are also free to decide for themselves when they have had enough.


We get outdoors every day, whatever the weather. Our beautiful outdoor area and our location amidst nature offer infinite opportunities for exercise and excursions. We also have a nature group for our nursery children, allowing them to spend the morning out in nature all year round.

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Our curriculum and projects are based on the principle of voluntary participation. They are guided by the children’s intrinsic motivation and round off our holistic educational approach.

ALPLA KIDS Mittagessen

The children eat lunch together in small groups and actively participate in the various processes. Even our youngest children are encouraged to choose their meals with gentle needs-based guidance and support.

ALPLA KIDS Schlafraum
Rest and nap times

Our children have unrestricted access to quiet areas to rest or take a nap. They can choose between (nap) rooms, quiet corners or alcoves where they can rest, accompanied by us depending on their individual needs.

ALPLA KIDS Freispiel

We believe that exercise is an important part of free play. Outside of quiet times, our children can use our exercise rooms to run and play to their hearts’ content, try out new things and test their own limits.

Do you have any questions?

Would you like to learn more about ALPLA KIDS or are you thinking about enrolling your child? We are here to help and are happy to answer any questions you have!