The ALPLA KIDS day-care centre

We are a full-day childcare facility run by the Verein Kinderhaus ALPLA KIDS association. In our centre, meaningful interaction and caring support lay the foundations for our future together.

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ALPLA KIDS Maxis Gartenbereich

ALPLA KIDS was founded in 2007. Harmonious coexistence characterised by diversity and respect is an integral part of the culture in our centre. The aim of  ALPLA KIDS was and is to nurture a better work-life balance.

The day-care centre has continued to grow and now hosts large infant and nursery areas. Here, we not only look after the children in our care, but also create a warm, supportive atmosphere to ensure their optimal development. The children learn from, support and motivate each other – just like part of a loving family. We offer the children ample space to play, run, jump, dance, discover the outdoors, eat, rest and sleep.

Frequently asked questions

How was ALPLA KIDS created?

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How is ALPLA KIDS organised?